XAU/USD, XAG/USD, WTI Analysis: 09.25.2018


Target Zone 2 [70.76 – 70.45] for oil was broken yesterday. For today and for the rest of the week, the growth target is Target Zone 3 [73.86 – 73.55].

US Crude Oil

Let’s look at the local trend. It’s ascending. Another target – Gold Zone [72.60 – 72.44] – was reached yesterday. This zone wasn’t broken.As for today, I don’t exclude an eventual correction that will allow us to open long positions from the strong support levels: Additional Zone and Intermediary Zone. The latter is the trend’s key support and is currently located at [71.06 – 70.90].

US Crude Oil

WTI Trading

  • Buy according to the pattern from Additional Zone [783 – 71.76]. Take Profit: Gold Zone [72.60 – 72.44]. Stop Loss: According to pattern rules
  • Buy according to the pattern from Intermediary Zone [71.06 – 70.90]. Take Profit: Gold Zone [760 – 72.44]. Stop Loss: According to pattern rules
  • XAU/USDGold price quotes are being traded near profitable buy prices within a medium-term uptrend.


    On a smaller time-frame, we can single out a descending priority with a target at [1181.7 – 1178.6]. That’s why I recommend searching for “sell” positions according to the pattern once the key resistance level [1208.9 – 1207.3] has been reached.

    However, traders tested the Additional Zone [1200.4 – 1199.6] yesterday and broke it, that’s why today there’s an opportunity to work with aggressive long positions with a target at IZ. To do so, I recommend waiting till the AZ [1196.4 – 1195.7] has been tested and opening a trade with a limit order. The recommendation remains valid till a counter-pattern to sell has appeared.


    XAU/USD Trading decisions for today:

  • Aggressively: Buy from Additional Zone [1196.4 – 1195.7]. Take Profit: Intermediary Zone [1208.9 – 1207.3]. Stop Loss: 1193.0.
  • Sell according to the pattern from Intermediary Zone [1208.9 – 1207.3]. Take Profit: 1192, Target Zone [1181.7 – 1178.6]. Stop Loss: According to pattern rules
  • XAG/USDSilver is being traded in the range between Target Zone 5 [13.67 – 13.59] and the key resistance at [14.68 – 14.61]. The priority is still “sell”.


    Let’s have a look at the local situation.

    We can see that a downtrend continues according to the method of margin zones because there wasn’t a breakout and consolidation above IZ [14.29 – 14.25]. But there’s no signal to open short positions either. For that, we need a pattern, which will form when sellers have consolidated below yesterday’s low.

    If growth starts from current prices, and the US session closes above 14.29, the trend will become ascending and we’ll start buying with a target at the upper Target Zone [14.68 – 14.61].


    XAG/USD Trading

    Sell according to the pattern from Intermediary Zone [14.29 – 14.25]. Take Profit: Target Zone [13.87 – 13.83]. Stop Loss: According to pattern rules

    IZ – Intermediary Zone – Reflects changes in priority directions of price movements

    TZ – Target Zone – The zone which will be reached with a 75% chance once IZ has been broken through.

    GZ – Gold Zone – The zone in a medium-term impetus

    All the zones are calculated based on a daily average movement and margin requirements of the futures market.

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