Technical Analysis on EUR/USD,GBP/USD,USD/JPY, October 5th,2015

With the weak Non-Farm data released last Friday, the Non-Farm Employment Number is only 142,000, while the previous reading is 173,000. Due to the worry of the global slowdown economy, the Fed’s interest rate hike is in a pretty low probability so that the US index may drop down with correction. In the following week, we can operate trading based on the trend of the US index. EUR/USDSeen from the 4-hour chart, the bullish momentum still exist within the EUR/USD pair, so we are mainly buyers of call options. However, with declining bullish sentiment shown in the 1-day chart, call options should be ended at 1.1200. Support:1.1200/1.1178/1.1138Resistance:1.1258/1.1282/1.1324

GBP/USD Since the GBP/USD pair is trading with pullback, we like the idea of buying call options. Call options should be ended when it drops below 1.5166. Support: 1.5166/1.5118/1.5100Resistance: 1.5236/1.5276/1.5318

USD/JPYThe USD/JPY pair is still in a bearish trend, so we temporally should adopt short-term operation and mainly buy call options. Put options can be purchased before the European session, while call options can be purchase if the price drops to the supportive level in the evening. Put options should be ended if it breaks through 120.20. Support:119.00/118.30/117.51Resistance:120.25/120.59/121.14

[Tips]All the information mentioned above is for reference only. FX77 Option team will keep an eye on the market and set the trading strategies specifically. If you are looking for more real-time signal-providing services and investment instructions, please follow us.

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