Technical Analysis on EUR/USD,GBP/USD,USD/JPY, October 14th, 2015

China’s export continues to fall for the tenth consecutive month, increasing the concern that China’s slowdown economy will strike global economy growth. Gertjan Vlieghe from Bank of England(MPC) suggested on October 13rd that there was a greater chance for a lower-than-target British inflation. Meanwhile, he believes that the effect of quantitative easing policy is shrinking as time goes by that should have a positive effect on the GBP. EUR/USDThe EUR/USD pair continues to rise with fair strong bullish sentiment that provides opportunities of buying call options. Based on a steady operation, call options can be confirmed when it breaks though the key position at 1.1400. Notice that when it bounces below 1.1362, there may be a bearish consolidation. Support:1.1350/1.1311/1.1260Resistance:1.1474/1.1565/1.1700

GBP/USD The bullish momentum of the GBPUSD pair still exists while waxing, so we are cautious of buying put options or wait for other trading opportunities. Call options can be purchased with caution when it bounces up 1.5320. However, the bullish momentum of the GBP/USD can be confirmed when it bounces up 1.5410. Support:1.5223/1.5214/1.5172Resistance:1.5280/1.5300/1.5326

USD/JPYAs the USD/JPY continues to drop down with bearish sentiment, we are buyers of put options during the session today. Put options should be suspended at 120.10 and convert to call options. Support:119.00/118.66/11830Resistance:120.00/120.40/120.60

[Tips]All the information mentioned above is for reference only. FX77 Option team will keep an eye on the market and set the trading strategies specifically. If you are looking for more real-time signal-providing services and investment instructions, please follow us.

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