Visiting UAE for holiday? Here are 6 best things to do in Sharjah

When you plan a trip, you undoubtedly look for things that will amplify your wonderful experience.

However, lack of knowledge about places in a foreign land could be a great problem for that. Therefore, you must do your important research about the place where you are visiting.

Likewise, if you want to visit Sharjah, then there are some places that you should definitely visit. Thus, in this article, you will be provided with all the information which is crucial to make your trip worthwhile. So, without wasting another second, let’s directly pe into the six best things to do in Sharjah.

1. Al Qasba
The reason Al Qasba is first on this list is that it’s best suitable for the day of your arrival. This is because it has various entertaining points. Some are kids-oriented, while some are suitable for the whole family. Moreover, it is a small hub of everything from kids zone to some really classy restaurants.

Also, you can enjoy your evening with Arba rides or by going to the Al Qasba Musical Fountain. Not to mention, you might get tired because of all the travel and naturally you would want to relax on the arrival day. Thus, Al Qasba will do a good job of that.

2. Sharjah Desert Park

If you want to educate your children in a fun way and shed light on the scientific explanation of the Flora and Fauna of the UAE, then you must visit this park. You kids will be delighted to gain knowledge in an entertaining manner which can further pique their interest in such subjects.

Also, the park is pided into three categories. First being the Natural History Museum, the second being the Arabian Wildlife Centre, and the last one is Children’s farm.

3. Al Majaz Waterfront
If you are an inpidual who craves beauty which includes waterfronts, then Al Majaz Waterfront could be the best sight you have ever seen. Moreover, you need not worry about the parking as it has around 1000 parking spots.

Also, it is a family place so you can go there with your kids as well. There are activities that include miniature golf, a Musical fountain and a fine restaurant to dine in at the end of the evening. Furthermore, the service provided to the public is excellent, along with free wifi.

4. Mleiha
To embark on a journey to the ancient times, a visit to Mleiha could be endearing. You get to see various artefacts from the times of the pre-Islamic period, the Bronze Age Period and even the Paleolithic period. Therefore, you get to see and experience the history of the three most prevalent periods in the history of humankind.

Moreover, if you are slightly into history or art, then you should explore this place as it might surprise you in ways you can not imagine.

5. Sharjah Museum Of Islamic Civilization
If you want to pe deep and get to the bottom of Islamic Civilisation, including then, this is the best opportunity to do so. The museum breaks down each and every aspect of Islamic beliefs and backs them with facts. So, for example, you will get to know about their achievements in mathematics and astronomy. Thus, it could really be an eye-opening experience for both you and your kids. And don’t worry about boredom as you will be mesmerised by the beautiful artefacts and creative textiles it has.

6. Sharjah Aquarium

The aquatic life of every place is always an essential point of discussion. Also, with an increase in their reduction, people are forgetting about it and moving forward. Therefore, the whole purpose of building such a place was to remind everyone how beautiful marine life is. So, take part in this movement by visiting this charming place. Furthermore, it will help you to educate your child about marine life.

Indubitably, Sharjah is a full packed, adventurous and entertaining place that is a mix of so many exciting activities. This is the reason why it is best suitable for family trips. However, if you want to do a solo trip to Sharjah, then also it is spot on, as there are numerous things to explore that will not make you feel alone.

So now that you know the must-visit places of Sharjah pack your bags and embark on the incredible journey of Sharjah! Hopefully, your trip will be adventurous and exhilarating to the point that you wouldn’t want to leave this amazing place.

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