Gadkari warns consultants of action in case of lapses in DPRs and monitoring of work

Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for road transport and highways, has warned consultants that are involved in preparing project reports and supervising highway projects of major penal action in case of any structural issues or road accidents.

On Tuesday, Gadkari had made these statements at a meeting that he chaired. The interaction was with more than two dozen consultancy firms. The discussion was held to cover several concerns which included poor quality of DPRs and poor monitoring of works during construction and maintenance phases. The minister spoke of how poor quality DPRs are responsible for accidents, alignment, landslides, bridge collapse and flooding of roads.

A source said to TOI, “The DPRs should include the world’s latest and best technology. The minister said if a bridge collapses, the project consultant should be held responsible, but the blame comes on the ministry.”

A report by TOI says that the Union minister lashed out at consultants for employing delaying tactics and he said that they will be held accountable for their actions. He also said that this wasn’t entirely the fault of the consultancy engineers but also of the government on account of delays in getting forest clearance, land acquisition and other statutory approvals.

“The minister said while preparing DPRs the consultants must visit sites rather than depending more on online maps. He flagged how no ground survey has impacted the projects and several cases additional works had to be approved after completion of projects. He said poor quality DPRs result in delay in completing projects as well,” a source said to TOI.