Indian law firm SNG and Partners, opens practice in Qatar

MUMBAI: At a time when many are debating whether foreign law firms would be allowed in India, many Indian law firms are expanding outside the country. SNG & Partners has entered Qatar at a time when India is looking to improve relations with the Middle East.

“We see a huge opportunity in Qatar, which has one of the best promising economy in the world,” said Rajesh Narain Gupta, managing partner, SNG. The law firm had opened offices in Singapore last year.

The company has launched operations in Doha with a three-member team of lawyers and has set up infrastructure to handle work related to Indian laws, Sharia laws and local rules and regulations. Two lawyers from its Delhi office have already moved to Qatar. The company is also in the process of appointing a lawyer qualified to opine on English laws. In addition to the lawyers, as per local requirements, an anti-money laundering officer has also been appointed to be part of the firm, the company said.

“There is also a growing India interest in Qatar. Recent visit by Qatar ruler to India signals enhancing bilateral business ties between the two countries. The robust economy, inflow of funds and investment in infrastructure owed to overall development, coupled with participation of India’s leading corporate houses has thrown up greater opportunity for Indian law firms,” added Narain.