InMobi partners Factual to develop solutions for mobile ads

NEW DELHI: Mobile advertising player InMobi has partnered with location-based services firm Factual to create a rich set of audience targeting solutions for brand advertisers.

“InMobi’s anonymous dataset of global mobile consumer activity will be combined with Factual’s location-based data to build geo-derived audience segments worldwide,” it said in a release.

This partnership enables marketers to globally leverage a richer set of geo-targeting features that incorporate geo-based consumer intelligence at a large scale, it added.

Brands are often challenged by ‘ad spillage‘ or dollars wasted when an advertisement reaches audiences outside their geo-spatial target segment. Providing advertisers with rich contextual data on consumers enables delivery of relevant ads with higher campaign efficacy or lower ad spillage.

InMobi gathers anonymous user data from its 759 million monthly active unique users on its network. To enhance an advertiser’s targeting efficacy, InMobi builds on this understanding of users by partnering with multiple data-specialists across the ecosystem such as Factual.

The partnership between InMobi and Factual will help advertisers to understand how consumers move through the physical world by using aggregated anonymous user location data, InMobi said.

Factual’s data on places covers more than 65 million businesses and points of interest across 50 countries. It uses this understanding of geography to build location-based profiles that contain hundreds of non-private behavioural attributes describing a user, it added.

For example, brands can now run campaigns targeting a college student at a Starbucks coffee shop or a live sports fan at a stadium.

Besides, InMobi will provide brands with geographically differentiated insights that will enable marketers to build targeted campaigns. For instance, brands will be able to market to a movie-goer in New York differently as compared to a movie-goer in London.

( Originally published on Aug 27, 2014 )