IIT Delhi to offer MTech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science from 2022

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi will start a new post graduate programme focused on artificial intelligence from next year, according to officials. “The School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI) at IIT Delhi will start a new post graduate programme focused on artificial intelligence. IIT Delhi’s Senate, the faculty body responsible for taking all major educational decisions, has approved the proposed programme titled “M Tech in Machine Intelligence and Data Science (MINDS),” a top official of the institute said.

MTech in MINDS will be a flagship educational programme for the school and is expected to begin in July 2022. This will be the second degree offered by the department. Earlier, the school started a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

“Our PhD programme has gathered a lot of interest in its first year. We had a 90 pc success rate in PhD students joining ScAI last semester, which is exceptional for a young academic unit like ours, as students generally prefer more established academic programmes. But they chose us, suggesting that we have put together a really strong faculty team in AI,” the official added.

The post graduate programme is planned as an industry-sponsored programme. The students will be expected to work on industry-relevant AI problems, since they will be co-advised by an IIT Delhi professor and a researcher from the sponsoring company.

All students with an undergraduate degree in science or engineering will be eligible for the MINDS programme.

“Academic institutions today cannot remain in silos. They must work closely with all stakeholders, including industry, non-profit, and governmental organisations. The M.Tech programme will energise academia-industry collaboration in AI,” said IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao.

The MINDS curriculum will include graduate-level courses in core AI technologies like deep learning and data mining, application-oriented courses like computer vision, natural language processing, and AI for healthcare, and also fundamental courses on mathematics underlying modern AI technologies.

IIT Guwahati launches Bachelor’s programme in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

IIT Guwahati launches Bachelor’s programme in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

The first batch of 20 students will be admitted to IIT Guwahati through the ongoing JEE Advanced 2021 counseling process and the institute looks forward to welcome them along with all new batch of students to other undergraduate branches of the institute.

According to IIT this new programme is designed to be holistic in nature that will train students in topics related to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI), with emphasis on relevant courses from other disciplines of science and engineering such as Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics.

This DSAI programme will be offered by the newly established Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, IIT Guwahati, set up with generous support from the Mehta Family Foundation, Houston, Texas, USA, with a track record of having supported several institutes in the fields of education and healthcare.

Prof. T. G. Sitharam, Director, IIT Guwahati, said, “This new B. Tech. programme on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence being offered by IIT Guwahati will be very attractive to train next generation Data Scientists and Technologists for future predictions in multiple domains of business, technology implementation, healthcare sector, disaster management, policy formulation and manage large data sets irrespective of the field they work in their careers. The vast opportunities that this field offers will fulfill the demands of having sufficiently qualified graduates to serve the nation in the future in areas requiring expertise in AI and Data Analytics.”