NZD/USD: Support Throws Short Trade Throwback

In the NZD/USD chart at the 1-hour time frame, I can sense a real quick headshot trade.

At 0.69224, the market formed an impulse and brought the trend to the whole way down.

After that action, it executed a perfect downtrend channel correction (shown in the graph).

Due to the unwanted fluctuations, the impulse and correction formed rapidly.

At 0.68424, the chart printed a potential impulse and set a path for a breakout (shown in the graph).

Then, the signals traveled as a sharp slider. (evenly)

Ultimately, it landed at the point 0.69033 and forms a mirror image of the previous pattern.

Although I m expecting a nice throwback from the previous support (shown in the graph).

It may run sharply to the down and have a throwback to the top.

In case the signals moved sharply towards down means, end the trade at 0.68720.

Wait for the move and decide your trade.

SIGNAL SPECIFICATION:Pair: NZD/USDOrder: BUYPending Entry: 0.68828Take profit: 0.69060Stop loss: 0.68720Risk Vs Reward: 2.18


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