Largely Sideways Trading Day, Excluding GBP/USD

While the other pairs were steadily developing, the GBP/USD was pounding the pound and, barring limited pullbacks, we should see continued losses develop. I actually found this strange because it should have been seeing losses way back…

The other pairs appear to be seeing a pullback, perhaps a range. I’m still considering a triangle in EUR/USD. It certainly seems that way… USD/JPY failed to move up to the target I had in mind, but it appears that we are seeing an expanded flat. That’s going to be a big clue as to when the dollar rally resumes.

I’ve adjusted USD/CHF due to the depth of the pullback. So we have formed the (green) Wave a/iii and, along with USDJPY, we should see the reversal higher around the same time.

The Aussie has a firm bullish pergence. I’m not sure whether we have seen the current low but it would be prudent to allow a new low. However, overall, I suspect we shall see gains today.

As for EUR/JPY, well, it made a new high… just… I’m still neutral on this pair.

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