JSW Steel to create digitally connected smart steel factories in India by FY25


JSW Steel

plans to create a network of digitally connected smart steel factories in India by FY25 by deploying advanced technologies such as enhanced AI, machine learning & robotics and connected cloud capabilities.

“JSW Steel began its pilot digital initiative in 2017 through implementation of Athena project…These digital pilots have helped JSW Steel drive an EBITDA impact of over Rs 1,200 crore as of March 2021,” said Siddharth Patel, Head of Digital Centre of Excellence.

As part of its Digitally Connected Smart Steel Factory Roadmap, JSW Steel’s first smart factory to go operational will be JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works in FY23. This will be followed by its steel-making facilities at JSW Dolvi Works in Maharashtra, JSW Salem Works at Tamil Nadu followed by its downstream facilities and those under Joint Control.

JSW Steel is collaborating with Indian and Global companies for its Digitization initiatives including Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

“These changes will help us in improving our margins, boost customer satisfaction and enhance overall digital maturity,” Patel said.

As the Company moves towards its target of achieving 37.5 MTPA steel-making capacity by FY25, its digital roadmap now takes a strategic turn to cover manufacturing operations, mining operations, supply chain, HR, and Finance processes, he added.

JSW Steel’s transition to digitally connected smart steel manufacturing includes creating a smart iron zone, creating a smart steel zone, and developing smart milling zone.

“The overall objective of creating the Smart Iron Zone is to ensure highest possible throughput while maintaining lower costs and reducing wastage / emissions,” the company said in a media statement on Wednesday.

In its smart steel zone, JSW will deploy IoT, implement Machine Learning algorithms and leverage the power of Connected Cloud capabilities to achieve additional throughput (by lowering cycle time), optimize operational costs, minimize defects, increase machine availability as well as enhance safety at the steel zone.

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