Goodluck India receives LOI from L&T for supply of steel bridges for Bullet Train project

Goodluck India Ltd said on Thursday it has been awarded Letter of Intent (LoI) for order worth Rs 198.76 crore by L&T Ltd for the Bullet Train project in the country. The LoI is granted for the supply and fabrication of special bridges on the National High-Speed Rail Track between Mumbai and Vapi (Bullet Train Project), the company said in a release.

The execution period of the order envisages the completion of the project to be completed by 2023, Goodluck said, adding, it will be executed under the expert supervision of IHI-Japanese experts in the area of design and supply of steel bridges.

“We feel privileged to receive the LoI for the supply and fabrication of steel structures by our structure pision. It will be hugely rewarding as the engineers of Goodluck will be working alongside some of the best engineers in their respective fields. We look forward to many more such opportunities in future,” said M C Garg, chairman, Goodluck India Ltd.

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