GBP/USD Has Large Breakout, AUD/USD Stages Comeback

Today’s DecaPip Daily will be featuring GBP/USD and AUD/USD.

It is fairly safe to say that GBP/USD had a rather large breakout of range in yesterday’s trading session. We are approaching some really interesting levels to the upside, and as a market technician, I would like to see how large this pair’s appetite is for further advancement around the areas I have charted.

AUD/USD also staged a comeback of sorts after the FOMC. At this point, I think it is prudent to look for a level of resistance to hold rather than buy into the upward momentum, as AUD/USD has been bearish for a long time and also, there are in my opinion better levels below 7500 for keen buyers.


1.5880 Resistance 1 1.6002 Resistance 2 1.5780 Support 1 1.5600 Support 2

GBP/USD Weekly Chart

GBP/USD Daily Chart


0.7870 Resistance 0.7598 Support

AUD/USD Monthly Chart

AUD/USD Daily Chart

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