EUR/USD Long At 1.1600

Political developments in Italy continue to weigh on EUR/USD, but investors may turn their focus to Eurozone inflation data. Our economists estimate a strong rebound in Eurozone HICP, which should support EUR recovery in the near term.

The Bank of Canada is likely to keep rates on hold today. We think that any upward moves should be used as fresh opportunities to get USD/CAD short.This is how trades today:

EUR/USDTrading strategy: LongOpen: 1.1600Target: 1.1780Stop-loss: 1.1510Recommended size: 1.67 mini lots per $10,000 in your accountShort analysis: We expect strong rebound in Eurozone inflation tomorrow. Today’s recovery may signal a stronger upward move in the near term. We opened long at 1.1600, target 1.1780.

GBP/USDTrading strategy: Await signalOpen: -Target: -Stop-loss: -Recommended size: -Short analysis: The GBP/USD failed to break below 1.3209 support level and we see a recovery action today. Signals are mixed and we stay sideways.

USD/JPYTrading strategy: ShortOpen: 109.50Target: 107.90Stop-loss: 109.40 (lowered from 110.30)Recommended size: 2.50 mini lots per $10,000 in your accountShort analysis: The USD/JPY broke blow 108.96 support yesterday but we do not see a continuation of bearish move today. We have locked in small profit on our short position at 109.40.

USD/CADTrading strategy: SellOpen: 1.3080Target: -Stop-loss: 1.3210Recommended size: 1.50 mini lots per $10,000 in your accountShort analysis: The Bank of Canada is expected to hold their benchmark overnight rate steady at 1.25% today, choosing to wait until July, at the earliest, to begin tightening again. We think that any upward move should be used as a fresh opportunity to get USD/CAD short. We have placed a sell order at 1.3080.

AUD/USDTrading strategy: LongOpen: 0.7555Target: 0.7800Stop-loss: 0.7420Recommended size: 1.48 mini lots per $10,000 in your accountShort analysis: The AUD/USD rebounded from the near-term trendline, which keeps our bullish strategy in play. EUR/GBPTrading strategy: LongOpen: 0.8780Target: 0.8960Stop-loss: 0.8690Recommended size: 1.22 mini lots per $10,000 in your accountShort analysis: Our long position remains under pressure, but today’s recovery gives us some hope. A close above 0.8730/35 would be a good sign.​

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