EUR/USD, Gold And AUD/CAD: 3 Possible Reversals

On the last day of this week, I have three interesting setups for you, where we can find signs of a possible bullish reversal. First one can be seen on the EUR/USD. The pair created a pennant, which should result in a further drop but instead of that, the price is breaking the upper line of this pattern, which is a positive factor and can bring us a mid-term correction.

Second instrument is gold, where we can see the triple bottom formation being created on the super important support – long-term up trendline. All we need for a proper buy signal is the breakout of the neckline of this pattern.

The last one is the AUD/CAD, which is having an inverse head and shoulder formation on the crucial horizontal support. Here, the scenario is very similar. For the buy signal, we need to see the breakout of the neckline and if possible, new weekly highs.

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