EUR/USD And G10s: Levels, Ranges, Targets

AUD/USD traded to 0.7812 and 4 week target remains 0.7836.

AUD/JPY from mentioned RBA long at 83.06 and target 83.75 traded to 83.94 for an 88 pip gain although as stated the trade failed to meet the continued and now 5 week + 100 pip trade criteria. Watch AUD/JPY 84.29.

The educational note in 35+ currency pairs traded and + 3,000 pip achieved targets is other market prices were completely irrelevant. Other market prices are and will remain irrelevant. CADand OIL for example is not the way to trade or view CAD as every currency pair price trades on their own and fails to need assistance from another price in any market instrument.

Overall point to note in our currency pairs is while close to + 100 pips targets, currency prices failed to trade to 100 pips or better. USD/CAD traded 105 pips as well as EUR/CAD and GBP/CAD. What CAD offered was shorts. What the overall G 10 market offered as mentioned was barely 100 and 150 pip ranges.

GBP/CAD held below 1.8038 and offered another short for interested. EUR/CAD offers another short and view breaks at 1.5541 and 1.5526 for shorts to gain down speed to 1.5470’s then below to 1.5300’s

GBP/CAD remains for target at low 1.7800’s to high 1.7700’s.

USD/CAD shorts below 1.2575 and 1.2647. CAD direction as mentioned remains short.

EUR/CAD twice achieved + 80 pips on the shorts but for ulterior motives I remain and will remain short. The overall EUR/CAD question is how strange and to what degree does strangeness achieve. EUR/CAD remains literally exorbitantly overbought and short is the only way.

AUD/NZD’s 4 week and miserable trade ended and as mentioned exit was taken at 1.0668 for + 70 ish pips and just ahead of its vital break point at 1.0700’s. A break higher at 1.0700 than AUD/NZD higher. Overall AUD/NZD will eventually trade to 1.0900’s but patience required.

Encouragement to learn and trade USD/PLN as PLN is and always was a terrific currency pair. On paper, PLN appears a monster currency pair but its not as it trades smooth and responds to targets perfectly. Entry at 3.3630 achieved +80 pip overnight target at 1.3719.

EUR/JPY watch 133.11, it held yesterday at 132.90 and today’s high at 133.09. Massive resistance exists at 133.30 and 133.33. Short only is the way above 133.11. A Forex God, market gift exists for EUR/JPY to trade to 134’s, 135’s.

Ongoing trades remain only in short EUR/CAD and GBP/CAD. GBP/CAD was the only non perfect trade as entry was off but chances to load shorts. AUD/NZD’s 4 week entry was slight off as well but it offered chances to load longs. Targets were known, prices informed how to trade the price.

Again target first then allows to trade the price.

EUR/AUD from last month’s post and 1.5738 target from 1.6191 achieved 1.5776 lows and more downside exists.

From yesterday, GBP/JPY dead stopped at 152.09 and as mentioned GBP/JPY had to trade back to 152.76 and it traded to 152.68. GBP/USD mentioned had to trade back to 1.4233 from 1.4172 lows and it traded to 1.4246.

USD/JPY 2 weeks ago reported break point to travel higher at 107.85 and last week 107.95. Today 108.05 is the break point as 107.85 traveled higher as USD/JPY approached its break points.

EUR/USD dead stopped perfectly at our 1.2399, above then target to 1.2431. Bottom 1.2337 and 1.2321 will hold EUR from further downside today.

GBP/USD target today is located at 1.4264 on a break of 1.4231.

GBP/JPY target today is located at 153.23 on break of 152.87.

After 5 weeks and 35 + different currency pairs traded and + 3500 ish pips, the end is here once GBP/CAD and EUR/CAD completes targets.

Overall 1 month goal was trade 30 different currency pairs and + 3,000 pips. I surpassed the goal by many miles. Next possible is trade to targets up and down 3 and 5 curreny pairs.

Brian Twomey

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