AUD/USD And NZD/USD: September 22 Forecast

AUD/USD selling opportunity at 7220/30 with stops above 7250. A break higher targets resistance at 7285/95.

Shorts at 7220/30 target 7195/90 then 7160/50, perhaps as far as 7130/20.

NZD/USD most important support of the week is at 6660/50. Longs need stops below 6635. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 6605/00 & 6560/50, perhaps as far as 6520/10.

Longs at 6660/50 target 6690/6710. This is the best chance of a high for the day. A break above 6725 is a buy signal which could take us as far as 6770/80.


  • Weekly Outlook Neutral
  • Daily Outlook Neutral
  • Short Term Outlook Neutral

AUD Chart

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