Amazon launches sort centre managed entirely by under-represented cohorts

Amazon India has launched a sort centre in Chennai that is managed entirely by under-represented cohorts in the mainstream workforce, including women, transgender inpiduals, persons with disabilities and military veterans, among others.

This is the firm’s second sort centre to be entirely managed by such under-represented cohorts, and is part of the company’s commitment to foster a culture of persity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Designed ahead of the festive season, the sort centre will have women associates working in the night shift, in compliance to the state statute and the site will be managed by women managers.

“We are looking to have at least 200-odd employees working at this new centre, out of which we have hired slightly less than a hundred or so,” Swati Rustagi, director of human resources, Amazon India Operations, told ET.

Over the last few years, Amazon India has launched multiple initiatives to bring DEI in the workforce. This includes initiatives such as women-operated and owned delivery stations in Chennai and Kadi, Gujarat; centres run and managed by transgender inpiduals; silent delivery stations in Mumbai; and the a programme for the employment of military veterans.

“We have been stepping up our efforts towards DEI, and carry out regular accessibility audits to explore what more we can do,” Rustagi added.

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